“You broke me into a million pieces, but I’m slowly finding strength in every shattered part.”

“I never knew how strong I was until you broke me.”

“You shattered my heart, but I will rebuild it with self-love.”

“You broke me, but broken pieces can be put back together to create something beautiful.”

“Sometimes the people who break us the most, also teach us the greatest lessons.”

“You broke me, but I will rise stronger than before.”

“You thought you could break me, but little did you know, I am unbreakable.”

“You may have broken me, but I will never let you define me.”

“The pain of being broken will only make my healing that much more powerful.”

“You may have shattered my trust, but I will never let you destroy my spirit.”

“Breaking me was your mistake, as I found my true strength when I had to rebuild.”

“You broke me, but the broken pieces will serve as a reminder that I deserve better.”

“I may have been broken, but I am on a journey to mend my soul.”

“You broke me, but in the process, you revealed my resilience and determination.”

“The mark you left after breaking me will serve as a reminder of how far I’ve come.”

“I was broken, but I am no longer defined by my past.”

“You broke me, but you can never take away my ability to heal.”

“I may have been broken, but I’m putting the pieces back together in a way that feels right for me.”

“You broke me, but now I know I can withstand anything that comes my way.”

“Breaking me only made me realize my own strength and worth.”

“You thought breaking me would leave me powerless, but it only ignited a fire within me.”

“Sometimes being broken is necessary to uncover the depths of our resilience.”

“You broke me, but I will never allow you to control my happiness.”

“Being broken taught me how to rebuild myself into a stronger version of who I was.”

“You thought you could break me, but I refuse to let your actions define my future.”

“Once broken, I learned to love and appreciate myself even more.”