“I love you so much, and I am deeply sorry for hurting you.”

“I never meant to cause you pain, and I am truly sorry for my actions.”

“I apologize for the pain I’ve caused you. Please forgive me.”

“I’m sorry for my mistakes. I promise to make it up to you.”

“I cannot bear the thought of hurting you. I am truly, deeply sorry.”

“I’m sorry if my words or actions have hurt you. You mean everything to me.”

“I apologize for not being there for you when you needed me.”

“I regret my actions and the pain they have caused. Please accept my apology.”

“I am sincerely sorry for not treating you with the love and respect you deserve.”

“I know I have made mistakes, and I am deeply sorry for the pain I have caused you.”

“You deserve so much better than how I have treated you. I am deeply sorry for every hurtful thing I’ve done.”

“I apologize for not appreciating you enough. You are the most important person in my life.”

“I never wanted to hurt you, and I am truly sorry for my thoughtless behavior.”

“I am sorry for taking you for granted. You mean the world to me.”

“I apologize for not being the person you needed me to be. I will do whatever it takes to make it right.”

“I am sorry for the pain I’ve caused. I never want to be the reason for your tears.”

“I want to make things right and prove that my love for you is stronger than my mistakes. Please forgive me.”

“You have given me so much love and support, and I am sorry for not reciprocating it fully. I regret it deeply.”

“I apologize for the hurtful words I said. They were thoughtless, and I didn’t mean them.”

“I am sorry for letting you down. I promise to do better and be the partner you deserve.”

“I never intended to hurt you, and I am truly sorry for my actions. Please find it in your heart to forgive me.”

“I am deeply sorry for betraying your trust. I will work tirelessly to regain it and make amends.”