“Wohi bata do mujhe, kahan dard chhupa hai.” – Tell me where the pain resides.

“Raat bhar tasveerien dekhne se dil ka dard nahi kam hota.” – Watching pictures all night doesn’t lessen the pain in the heart.

“Bikhra hai dil toh asar hota hai, har khushi se ummeed kiya karte hai.” – When the heart is broken, it leaves an impact, but we still find hope in every happiness.

“Tanhaiyaan bhi roz sikhati hain, ki dard se kaise lada jaye.” – Solitude teaches us every day, how to fight against pain.

“Tere saath chalein jab raat, mujhe har lamha dard milta hai.” – When I walk with you at night, every moment brings pain to me.

“Sirf gam hi nahi, khushi bhi lage kitni ajeeb si.” – It feels strange how happiness doesn’t seem enough, not just sadness.

“Tere bina jeene ki saza mil gayi hai, dard ki raahon se guzar gaye.” – I have received the punishment of living without you, traversing through the paths of pain.

“Wo kehte hain guzre waqt se, ‘Kya tabah kiya hai tune hume?'” – The time that has passed asks me, ‘What havoc have you wreaked upon us?’

“Har subah dard se saamna karna parta hai, dil bas usi ko yaad karta hai.” – Every morning, I have to face the pain, my heart only remembers that person.

“Jab yaad aati hai woh pal, aankhon se aansu behte hai.” – When I remember those moments, tears flow from my eyes.

“Mohabbat hi humari manzil thi, rishton ki chaahat se behtar.” – Love was our destination, better than the longing for relationships.

“Zindagi ke har lamhe mein dard hai, bas kuch lamhe aate hain jinmein muskurahat hai.” – There is pain in every moment of life, but there are few moments that bring a smile.

“Hamari zindagi mein aaino ka koi soug nahi, har chehra gumnam lagta hai.” – There is no place for mirrors in our lives, every face seems obscure.

“Dil se pukara hai maine usse, par awaaz nahi aayi.” – I called out to them from my heart, but no voice reached me.

“Dard se bina mai gata nahi, aur gane se bina mujhe chain nahi.” – I can’t sing without pain, and I can’t find peace without singing.

“Tumne toh jaise dard ki rawani hai, zakhmon se numaya hoti ho.” – You are like the embodiment of pain, you become visible through wounds.

“Yaad teri jab se shuru hui, dard hi bikherne laga hai.” – Since your memory started, pain has started to spread.

“Duniya hai anokhi, har koi dukh-bhari hai.” – The world is strange, everyone carries their own sorrows.

“Kitna musafir hai hum iss duniya mein, koi rasta hi nahi hai.” – We are mere travelers in this world, there is no path for us.

“Tumhari yaadon se guzartey lamhe, sabhi khushiyaan uda dete hai.” – Moments spent in your memories take away all the happiness.