“Pride is concerned with who is right. Love is concerned with what is right.” – Unknown

“Pride will tear you apart, but love will mend the broken pieces.” – Unknown

“Pride builds walls, love constructs bridges.” – Unknown

“Pride demands respect, love earns it.” – Unknown

“Pride diminishes with time, but love only grows stronger.” – Unknown

“Pride focuses on the self, love focuses on others.” – Unknown

“Pride is quick to judge, love is quick to forgive.” – Unknown

“Pride is temporary satisfaction, love is eternal contentment.” – Unknown

“Pride argues, but love listens.” – Unknown

“Pride leaves scars, but love heals wounds.” – Unknown

“Pride is a shallow emotion, but love is profound.” – Unknown

“Pride isolates, love embraces.” – Unknown

“Pride seeks recognition, love seeks connection.” – Unknown

“Pride crumbles under adversity, but love remains resilient.” – Unknown

“Pride is self-centered, love is selfless.” – Unknown

“Pride tarnishes, but love shines brightly.” – Unknown

“Pride leads to regrets, but love leads to fulfillment.” – Unknown

“Pride fuels conflicts, but love promotes harmony.” – Unknown

“Pride seeks power, but love empowers.” – Unknown

“Pride breeds arrogance, but love breeds humility.” – Unknown

“Pride robs us of joy, but love fills us with happiness.” – Unknown

“Pride puts us above others, but love puts us beside them.” – Unknown

“Pride blinds us to truth, but love opens our eyes.” – Unknown

“Pride is empty, but love is fulfilling.” – Unknown