“Disappointment is a sort of bankruptcy – the bankruptcy of a soul that expends too much in hope and expectation.” – Eric Hoffer

“The only true disappointment in life is when you expect too much from someone and they let you down.” – Unknown

“Disappointment is a natural part of life. Sometimes, the people closest to us will be the ones who hurt us the most.” – Unknown

“The disappointment of a friend is like a dagger to the heart.” – Anthony Horowitz

“Our biggest disappointments in life are often caused by the expectations we have of our friends.” – Unknown

“To be disappointed by a friend is the most heart-wrenching feeling, for it is a betrayal of trust.” – Unknown

“A true friend will never disappoint you. If they do, they were never truly a friend to begin with.” – Unknown

“Disappointment is inevitable when you place your trust in unreliable friends” – Unknown

“Disappointments from friends can teach you valuable lessons about who you can truly trust.” – Unknown

“Sometimes, the disappointment we feel from a friend is a reflection of our own unrealistic expectations.” – Unknown

“Trust is easily broken, and disappointment is all that remains in friendships that lack it.” – Unknown

“Disappointment is a bitter pill to swallow, especially when it comes from someone you considered a friend.” – Unknown

“A true friend will never disappoint you, but unfortunately, not everyone can be a true friend.” – Unknown

“Disappointment from a friend is a reminder that not everyone has your best interest at heart.” – Unknown

“Friendships built on mutual respect rarely lead to disappointment.” – Unknown

“Disappointment in a friend is a painful reminder that not everyone values loyalty.” – Unknown

“Friendships should be a source of happiness and support, not disappointment and betrayal.” – Unknown

“Disappointment can teach us to be cautious with who we place our trust in.” – Unknown

“When a friend disappoints you, choose forgiveness and learn to set healthier boundaries.” – Unknown

“Friendships should be built on trust, and disappointment is a sign that trust has been broken.” – Unknown

“Disappointment in a friend is a reminder that not everyone is capable of being there for you.” – Unknown

“Friendship should be a two-way street, and disappointment arises when the giving is one-sided.” – Unknown

“Disappointment is an unfortunate reality that we all face in friendships at some point.” – Unknown

“Friendship without trust is like a ship without a sail – it will inevitably lead to disappointment.” – Unknown

“Disappointment from a friend can be one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome.” – Unknown

“You cannot control the actions of others, but you can choose how you respond to their disappointment.” – Unknown

“Disappointment from a friend can reveal their true character and help you reassess your priorities.” – Unknown

“Disappointment in a friend can be an opportunity for growth and self-reflection.” – Unknown

“Life is too short to keep disappointing friends around. Surround yourself with those who uplift and inspire you instead.” – Unknown