“A true friend would never befriend your enemy.”

“Beware those who try to befriend your enemies, for their loyalty may not lie with you.”

“It’s hard to trust someone who associates with those who wish you harm.”

“A person who befriends your enemy cannot be trusted.”

“Birds of a feather flock together; never trust someone who befriends your enemy.”

“Friendship with your enemy’s friend is a questionable alliance.”

“Keep your friends close and your enemies’ friends even closer, for they may be plotting against you.”

“One can never fully trust an individual who finds solace in befriending those who seek to harm you.”

“Choose your friends wisely, for those who befriend your enemy might betray you.”

“A friend who associates with your enemy is no friend at all.”

“Trust is fragile; be cautious of those who cozy up with your enemy.”

“The company one keeps speaks volumes about their character; never trust someone who aligns themselves with your enemy.”

“True friends will always choose your side, never the enemy’s.”

“Associating with your enemy’s friend goes against the principles of loyalty and trust.”

“The enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend; mistrust those who affiliate with your enemy.”

“Your enemy’s friend can easily become your foe; never let your guard down.”

“Betrayal often begins with an alliance between your enemy and someone you thought was a friend.”

“Avoid those who extend an olive branch to your enemy; they might have ulterior motives.”

“A person who befriends your enemy is not to be trusted with your vulnerabilities.”

“A true friend would distance themselves from your enemy rather than embrace their friendship.”

“Keep your friends separate from your enemy’s confidants; trust should never be compromised.”