“A little sister is both your mirror – and your opposite.” – Elizabeth Fishel

“Little sisters make the best friends because they are always there when you need them.” – Unknown

“Having a little sister means you always have a partner in crime.” – Unknown

“Little sisters may drive you crazy sometimes, but they are the ones who can lift you up when you’re feeling down.” – Unknown

“Little sisters are the perfect combination of family, friend, and forever.” – Unknown

“Little sisters are the best because they know all your secrets and still love you anyway.” – Unknown

“Having a little sister is like having a constant cheerleader by your side.” – Unknown

“A little sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.” – Marion C. Garretty

“Little sisters are the teddy bears you can share your secrets with.” – Unknown

“Big sisters are the heroes who inspire and protect their little sisters.” – Unknown

“Little sisters are the sprinkles on the cupcake that we call life.” – Unknown

“A little sister is someone to trust, confide in, and always have fun with.” – Unknown

“Little sisters are not just siblings, they are your built-in best friends.” – Unknown

“Little sisters have a way of making even the most mundane activities feel like an adventure.” – Unknown

“The best thing about having a little sister is getting to be her role model.” – Unknown

“Little sisters have a knack for bringing out the best in people.” – Unknown

“Little sisters are like stars, they may be small, but they shine the brightest.” – Unknown

“A little sister is a friend for life, through thick and thin.” – Unknown

“Little sisters have the power to turn any bad day into a good one with just a smile.” – Unknown

“Having a little sister is like having a built-in best friend.” – Unknown

“A little sister is someone to laugh with, cry with, and share life’s ups and downs.” – Unknown

“Little sisters may be small in size, but they have the biggest hearts.” – Unknown

“A little sister is a gift that keeps on giving love and joy.” – Unknown

“Having a little sister is like having a constant source of happiness and laughter.” – Unknown

“Little sisters are like diamonds, precious and rare, and each one is unique and beautiful.” – Unknown