“Greed is the enemy of contentment and happiness.” – Unknown

“Greed can never satisfy, but generosity always brings fulfillment.” – Unknown

“Greed blinds the heart and steals joy from every moment.” – Unknown

“True wealth lies in valuing what we have, not accumulating more.” – Unknown

“Greed is a bottomless pit that devours everything in its path.” – Unknown

“The more you give, the richer you become in ways that money can’t measure.” – Unknown

“Greed corrupts the soul and tarnishes the spirit of humanity.” – Unknown

“Give more, expect less, and watch greed melt away.” – Unknown

“Greed is the ultimate poverty, for it can never be satisfied.” – Unknown

“A generous heart always finds abundance, even in the midst of scarcity.” – Unknown

“Greed seeks to accumulate, while love seeks to share.” – Unknown

“The greatest wealth is found in a heart filled with gratitude and generosity.” – Unknown

“Do not mistake greed for ambition; they are worlds apart.” – Unknown

“Let go of greed, and embrace the beauty of simplicity.” – Unknown

“Greed breeds dissatisfaction, while gratitude breeds contentment.” – Unknown

“The pursuit of wealth at the expense of others is a poor investment.” – Unknown

“When greed takes hold, compassion is replaced by selfishness.” – Unknown

“Feed your soul with love, not your ego with greed.” – Unknown

“The problem with greed is that it never knows when it has enough.” – Unknown

“Richness is not defined by wealth, but by the abundance of compassion and kindness within us.” – Unknown

“Generosity is a testament of one’s true wealth, not the size of their bank account.” – Unknown

“Greed blinds us to the beauty of simplicity and the joy of giving.” – Unknown

“When greed takes over, integrity gets compromised.” – Unknown

“Strive to be rich in character, not just in possessions.” – Unknown

“Greed is like a black hole, constantly demanding more with no end in sight.” – Unknown

“True wealth is measured by the impact we have on others, not the size of our bank balance.” – Unknown