“Harassment is so last season. Let’s all be fabulously kind instead.”

“Harassment is like a bad outfit – it’s never in style.”

“Give harassment a kick in the pants and show it who’s boss – your fabulous self!”

“Harassment is a fashion disaster. Let’s keep it off the runway of life.”

“Harassment might try to rain on your parade, but remember, you have the power to dance in the rain!”

“If harassment was a person, it would definitely be the ultimate fashion faux pas.”

“Harassment: the fast track to becoming the least fashionable person in the room.”

“Harassment is like that embarrassing outfit you wore once – it’s time to leave it in the past and never bring it back.”

“Let’s make harassment the punchline of a joke and laugh it out of existence.”

“Harassment: because being cool and confident is too intimidating for some.”

“Harassment is like a failed DIY project – it’s just not worth your time and energy.”

“No room for harassment in my fabulous life! It’s strictly for the basic b*tches.”

“Harassment is about as funny as a bad stand-up comedian – it’s time to change the channel.”

“Harassment is like that annoying song that gets stuck in your head – let’s press skip and move on.”

“Harassment is like a bad hair day – fix it, ignore it, and move on to bigger and better things.”

“Harassment is so yesterday, let’s embrace the new hotness: kindness and respect.”

“Harassment is like that clingy ex – it’s time to cut ties and move on to a happier, freer life.”

“Harassment is like a mosquito: annoying, but ultimately insignificant.”

“Harassment is like a bad prank – let’s play a better tune and spread joy instead.”

“Harassment is like an overplayed pop song – let’s change the station and jam to empowerment and positivity.”

“Harassment is like that obnoxious neighbor – just politely close the curtains and focus on your own fabulous life.”

“Harassment is so pass√© – let’s make kindness and respect the new trend.”

“Harassment is like bad fashion: it belongs in the past, not in our lives.”

“Harassment is like that annoying person at the party – just kindly ignore them and have a blast.”

“Harassment is like a stale joke – let’s move on to better laughs and leave it in the dust.”

“Harassment is like a bad hair day during a storm – shake it off and let your fabulousness shine through.”

“Harassment is like an old pair of jeans: uncomfortable and better left in the back of the closet.”

“Harassment is so last season. Kindness and respect are timeless.”

“Harassment is like a bad breakup – acknowledge it, learn from it, and move forward with grace and empowerment.”

“Harassment is like a pesky fly – don’t let it ruin your picnic in life. Swat it away and keep enjoying the feast of joy and love!”