“The play’s the thing wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king.” – William Shakespeare

“The theater is the only institution in the world which has been dying for four thousand years and has never succumbed. It requires tough and devoted people to keep it alive.” – John Steinbeck

“Theater is the art of looking at ourselves.” – Augusto Boal

“The play is the thing from which one can learn as much as from books.” – Goethe

“Theatre is a verb before it is a noun, an act before it is a place.” – Martha Graham

“Theatre is a mirror, a sharp reflection of society.” – Yasmina Reza

“Theater is a safe place to do the unsafe things that need to be done.” – John Patrick Shanley

“The theater is a place where one has time for the problems of people to whom one would show the door if they came to one’s office for a job.” – Tennessee Williams

“Theatre is a form of knowledge; it should and can also be a means of transforming society.” – Augusto Boal

“Theater is the art of the moment.” – Zaha Hadid

“The power of theater is to rend our hearts, to make us alert to the redemptive power of love” – Stephen Sondheim

“The theater is so endlessly fascinating because it’s so accidental. It’s so much like life.” – Arthur Miller

“Theater is a blank canvas upon which any story can be told.” – Andrew Lloyd Webber

“Theater is a place where the soul comes to get clean.” – Eve Ensler

“The theater is the only place where you can see someone practice something unknown to them.” – Anna Deavere Smith

“Theater is, above all, a form of healing.” – Athol Fugard

“The theater is a mistress; she won’t let you go.” – Arthur Miller

“The theater is a place where one learns about the brevity of human glory: one goes to see a play written by a great genius whose mortal remains now lie mouldering in the earth.” – John Lahr

“Theater is life, film is art, television is furniture.” – Michael Gove

“The theater is a weapon, and it is the people who have made it so – the people who understand that theater anywhere, at any time, at any cost, for any reason is better than deprivation or desolation or despair.” – Albert Maltz

“Theater comes alive through the rehearsal process, because that’s where the collaboration happens and the creative decisions are made, and it’s a dialogue between artists. And when the audience comes and sees the final product, they’re witnessing the results of that collaboration.” – Joe Mantello

“The theater is the only place where you can’t take a taxi.” – Arthur Miller

“Theatre is life—it’s just life that’s been lit on fire.” – Peter Shaffer

“Theatre is an act of community. It breathes emotional space into our everyday lives.” – Joe Dowling

“Theatre is a laboratory where we can experiment with our humanity.” – Patrick Stewart

“The play’s the thing, / Wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king.” – William Shakespeare