“Six months of being together, and we still haven’t killed each other. That’s a win-win!”

“Happy six-month anniversary! We’ve officially made it longer than most internet memes.”

“Congrats on surviving six months with my witty sarcasm. You deserve a medal!”

“It’s been six months, and I still haven’t figured out why I love you. But that’s half the fun!”

“Happy six-month anniversary! I promise to continue pretending I understand your sports references.”

“Six months of putting up with each other’s quirks. We deserve a standing ovation!”

“Happy half-a-versary! It’s been a wild ride, but I wouldn’t want to be stuck with anyone else.”

“They say love is blind. In our case, it’s more like selectively blind for at least six months!”

“Happy half-milestone! Here’s to putting up with my snoring for another six months.”

“Cheers to six months of pretending to listen to each other’s stories. Here’s to six more!”

“Happy six-month anniversary! Let’s keep this relationship going, even if it means stealing all the blankets.”

“Congratulations on surviving my terrible cooking for six months and counting!”

“It’s been six months of loving you like no other. Trust me, it’s not just the coffee talking.”

“Happy six-month anniversary! Let’s keep our love alive by pretending to like each other’s taste in movies.”

“Six months ago, I never would have guessed we’d be together. I guess love truly is blind!”

“Happy six-month anniversary! Thanks for not running away when you discovered my true weirdness.”

“Congratulations on tolerating my excessive dad jokes for six whole months!”

“Here’s to knowing each other for six months and still finding reasons to laugh every day!”

“Happy six-month anniversary! To think, we’ve only just scratched the surface of your weird habits.”

“Cheers to six months of stealing the covers and hogging the bathroom! It’s true love, baby.”

“Happy six-month mark! Here’s to surviving the ups and downs, as well as my terrible dance moves.”

“Congratulations on putting up with my bad puns for six months. You’re a real trooper!”

“Happy six-month anniversary! Let’s celebrate by binge-watching our favorite shows and ignoring any responsibilities.”

“Six months of loving you feels like a lifetime, but in a totally non-creepy way.”

“Happy six-month half-a-versary! I still can’t believe you put up with my crazy family. You’re a superhero!”

“Congratulations on surviving six months of my snoring. You deserve a gold medal for that!”

“Happy six-month anniversary! I’m glad we’re still going strong. It means I haven’t terrified you away… yet.”