“A true friend is a rare gem in this world, hold onto them tightly.” – Anonymous

“Make dua for your friends, for it is a means of gaining blessings and strengthening your bond.” – Anonymous

“A friend who prays for you is a friend worth keeping.” – Anonymous

“A true friend is someone who reminds you of Allah and encourages you towards goodness.” – Anonymous

“May Allah bless our friendship and make it a means of entering Jannah together.” – Anonymous

“Friends are the family we choose, so choose them wisely and make dua for them.” – Anonymous

“Praying for your friend’s success and happiness is a reflection of your love and sincerity towards them.” – Anonymous

“A friend who supports your deen (faith) is a blessing from Allah.” – Anonymous

“Seek friends who remind you of your purpose in life and help you stay on the right path.” – Anonymous

“When you have a loyal friend who prays for you, you have a companion in both this world and the next.” – Anonymous

“Friendship in Islam is not based on worldly interests, but on the love for the sake of Allah.” – Anonymous

“A good friend is someone who cares for your heart more than anything else.” – Anonymous

“May Allah bless our hearts with the love and kindness found in true friendships.” – Anonymous

“In times of need, a sincere friend’s dua can work wonders.” – Anonymous

“A friend who advises you to seek forgiveness from Allah is a true friend indeed.” – Anonymous

“When you find a friend who inspires you to be a better Muslim, cherish them and pray for them.” – Anonymous

“Friendship in Islam is a bond of iman (faith), love, and sincere dua.” – Anonymous

“A true friend is the one who reminds you to be grateful to Allah in every situation.” – Anonymous

“A sincere friend shares your joys and sorrows, and prays for you at all times.” – Anonymous

“Make dua for your friends’ well-being, for their happiness is as important as your own.” – Anonymous

“A friend who encourages you to strive for Jannah is a gift from Allah.” – Anonymous

“Friendship is not just about spending time together, but also about praying for each other.” – Anonymous

“May Allah bless our friendship with love, understanding, and unity.” – Anonymous

“Prayer is a powerful tool, use it to supplicate for your friends’ success, peace, and guidance.” – Anonymous

“A friend who prays for you behind your back is a true friend in front of your face.” – Anonymous