“Something smells fishy around here.”

“This situation feels a bit fishy to me.”

“There’s definitely something fishy going on.”

“Don’t get caught up in any fishy business.”

“Trust your instincts if something seems fishy.”

“That excuse sounds as fishy as a shady seafood market.”

“I smell something fishy, and it’s not coming from the sea.”

“The whole story sounds a bit fishy to me.”

“I wouldn’t trust it, seems too fishy.”

“Be careful, there’s definitely something fishy about that person.”

“He’s as slippery as a fish, can’t trust a word he says.”

“I’ve got a gut feeling that there’s something fishy going on.”

“That explanation sounds fishy, just like a rotten catch.”

“Be cautious of any fishy offers that come your way.”

“Don’t ignore that fishy feeling, always investigate further.”

“Don’t fall for his fishy excuses, they’re just bait.”

“This situation is starting to smell fishy to me.”

“There’s a fishy scent of deception in the air.”

“The whole setup looks fishy, like a rigged fishing game.”

“His story was so fishy, it could’ve stocked an aquarium.”

“Something just doesn’t add up, it’s all a bit fishy.”

“Trust your fishy senses, they never let you down.”

“Don’t dive headfirst into fishy waters without testing them first.”

“Don’t let their fishy behavior hook you into their schemes.”

“That’s the fishiest excuse I’ve ever heard!”