“Even God himself could not sink this ship.” – Bruce Ismay, RMS Titanic managing director

“Iceberg! Right ahead!” – Frederick Fleet, lookout on the Titanic

“Women and children first.” – Captain Edward J. Smith

“There is a shortage of lifeboats.” – Charles Lightoller, Titanic Second Officer

“I am sorry to tell you that the Titanic sank this morning!” – J. Bruce Ismay

“That was the nearest earthly hell I ever expect to be in.” – Lawrence Beesley, Titanic survivor

“Titanic, the pride and glory of our civilization, had gone down; and with her fifteen hundred souls, no less.” – Archibald Gracie, Titanic survivor

“When the ship docked, I sent a wire to my mother saying, ‘Safe and sound in Queenstown, Ireland.'” – Jack Thayer, Titanic survivor

“The Titanic was the ship of dreams, and it was. It really was.” – Kate Winslet as Rose DeWitt Bukater in the movie “Titanic”

“The Titanic disaster is a singular event in human history.” – Charles Haas, Titanic historian

“She was the largest craft afloat and the greatest of the works of men… It was believed that, given ordinary good fortune, the Titanic was unsinkable.” – Walter Lord, historian

“The Titanic will not sink.” – Morgan Robertson, author of a 1898 novel called “Futility” which featured a large ship called the Titan that sinks after hitting an iceberg

“To me, the Titanic tragedy reflects the collective shadow of humanity – the part of ourselves that we prefer to keep hidden, but is always lurking beneath the surface.” – Ken Poirot

“The iceberg was God’s blessing. It brought me fortune.” – Violet Jessop, Titanic survivor

“I did not think the ship would sink. I did not believe it. I don’t know why I didn’t.” – Eva Hart, Titanic survivor

“To me, Titanic wasn’t a disaster. It was an act of God.” – Edith Haisman, Titanic survivor

“The shipwreck of the Titanic has become an enduring legend of the sea. Many of its passengers and crew did not survive, but its memory continues to captivate the world.” – Greg Jenner

“The sinking of the Titanic was a shock to everyone who learned of it, and its impact on popular culture cannot be overstated.” – James Cameron, director of the movie “Titanic”

“The Titanic is the ghost ship of our nightmares, the largest and most luxurious ship of its time, doomed from the moment it left port.” – Don Brown

“Days have passed, and still I ruminate on this unspeakable calamity. Was there no God to stay her hand?” – Thomas Andrews Jr., Titanic ship designer

“The Titanic taught us valuable lessons about hubris, overconfidence, and the dangers of ignoring potential risks.” – John Marshall, Titanic historian

“The sinking of the Titanic is a stark reminder of the fragility of human ambitions and the unpredictable forces of nature.” – Unknown

“The Titanic disaster reveals the tragic consequences when human arrogance and technological marvel collide with the unpredictability of nature.” – Unknown

“We marvel at the Titanic’s splendor, but we are haunted by its tragic demise. It reminds us of the impermanence of human achievements.” – Unknown

“The Titanic serves as a grim reminder that human endeavors, no matter how grand, are subject to the whims and caprices of fate.” – Unknown

“The Titanic’s legend endures as a testament to human triumphs and failures, reminding us of the hubris of man and the power of nature.” – Unknown

“The Titanic represents a profound lesson in humility and the folly of assuming invincibility in the face of nature.” – Unknown

“The Titanic’s tragic fate reminds us that even the most advanced and impressive creations of mankind can be humbled by the forces of nature.” – Unknown

“The Titanic’s sinking is a heartbreaking tale of human folly, reminding us that even the most magnificent achievements can turn into unspeakable tragedies.” – Unknown

“The Titanic remains an indelible symbol of human triumph and tragedy, reminding us that no matter how impressive our achievements, we are still at the mercy of the elements.” – Unknown