“Taboos are afraid of truth and thus eradicate it.” – D.H. Lawrence

“In every age, taboo questions raise our collective consciousness.” – Jay Michaelson

“Taboos are the silent oppressors that keep us from progressing.” – Unknown

“Taboos are nothing but societal restrictions on our freedom of expression.” – Unknown

“Taboos are meant to be broken, for they inhibit our growth as individuals and as a society.” – Unknown

“Taboos are the signposts pointing towards our deepest fears.” – Unknown

“Freedom is the antidote to taboos, for it frees our minds from their oppressive chains.” – Unknown

“Taboos only hold power over us as long as we submit to their authority.” – Unknown

“Taboos are the barriers that prevent us from truly understanding and accepting one another.” – Unknown

“Taboos are like shadows, haunting us until we confront them head-on.” – Unknown

“Breaking taboos is the catalyst for social change and progress.” – Unknown

“Taboos exist to protect the status quo, but it is our duty to challenge and dismantle them.” – Unknown

“Taboos are the walls we build to separate ourselves from uncomfortable truths.” – Unknown

“Taboos thrive in ignorance, but knowledge is the key to liberation.” – Unknown

“Taboos are society’s way of controlling our thoughts and actions.” – Unknown

“Taboos only have power if we allow them to dictate our behavior.” – Unknown

“To challenge taboos is to question the very foundation upon which society is built.” – Unknown

“Taboos may be uncomfortable, but they provide an opportunity for growth and enlightenment.” – Unknown

“Taboos are society’s way of burying its most shameful secrets.” – Unknown

“Taboos are the chains we wear willingly, unaware of their weight.” – Unknown

“Breaking taboos is an act of rebellion against the oppressive forces of tradition.” – Unknown

“Taboos are the barriers that prevent us from fully embracing our true selves.” – Unknown