“I have a name, and it’s not ‘hey psycho!'” – Marcus Fenix

“Remember, shoot in the face! Just like we practiced!” – Damon Baird

“I’m more of a ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ kind of guy.” – Dominic Santiago

“Brothers to the end, right?” – Anthony Carmine

“I’ve heard stories about you, how you’re ‘the one who saw the light,’ ‘the one who saved us all.'” – Anya Stroud

“I had hoped to never see this place again.” – Colonel Victor Hoffman

“The Locust horde has come knocking. Let’s give them a proper Delta welcome.” – Augustus Cole

“I’m an expert at fixing things, and that starts with bad guys guttin’.” – Samantha Byrne

“You want some too, huh? Come and get some!” – Clayton Carmine

“This is a simple mission, soldiers. Clear the area, destroy all enemy forces. Make it count.” – Captain Michael Barrick

“We’re not letting anyone else die today.” – Benjamin Carmine

“We’re Delta Squad, sir! We’re here to rescue you!” – Marcus Fenix

“I’m not gonna lie, it’s gonna be tough. But it’s worth it. We’re still alive, and that counts for something.” – Anya Stroud

“I ain’t no Goddamn hero, you got it?!” – Dominic Santiago

“War is ugly. Let’s make it even uglier.” – Augustus Cole

“Welcome to Delta Squad. Grab your gear, soldier. We’re heading into the shit.” – Marcus Fenix

“We don’t just survive, we fight till the end.” – Damon Baird

“This is it, Delta. The final push. Hold nothing back.” – Colonel Victor Hoffman

“Let’s make these bastards remember the name, Delta Squad!” – Augustus Cole

“The world’s gone to shit and I’m still standing. I don’t know if that should make me tough or just plain crazy.” – Samantha Byrne

“Killing is what we’re good at. And brother, business is booming.” – Clayton Carmine

“We may not be the perfect soldiers, but we’re damn close.” – Benjamin Carmine

“We’ve faced worse odds before, haven’t we? Let’s do this!” – Anya Stroud

“We’re not gonna let those sons of bitches take our home!” – Marcus Fenix

“We’re all crazy, kid. We just need to learn how to use it to our advantage.” – Dominic Santiago

“Fighting for humanity’s future is hard, but it sure as hell beats giving up.” – Damon Baird

“In the darkness, there’s always hope. We’re that hope.” – Anya Stroud