“Just think positive thoughts and all your problems will magically disappear.”

“Negative emotions are a waste of time and energy.”

“Good vibes only!”

“Happiness is a choice.”

“Just smile and pretend everything is fine.”

“Positive thinking can cure any illness.”

“You can achieve anything you want if you just believe in it hard enough.”

“Don’t worry, be happy.”

“Negativity is contagious, so avoid negative people at all costs.”

“Always look on the bright side of life.”

“Positive thoughts create positive outcomes.”

“Just focus on the good and forget about the bad.”

“Don’t let negative thoughts bring you down.”

“Positive thinking can solve all your problems.”

“Life is beautiful, so there’s no room for negativity.”

“Think positive, and everything will fall into place.”

“Positivity is the key to success.”

“Negative thoughts are just a waste of energy.”

“There are no problems, only opportunities.”

“Looking at the bright side will make everything better.”

“Just ignore the negativity and it will go away.”

“You can’t have a bad day if you have a positive mindset.”

“Be positive and good things will come to you.”