“I studied for weeks… and by studied, I mean I looked at the textbook once.”

“I don’t always take exams, but when I do, I make sure to bring a lucky pencil. It’s made of solid lead… to remind me of what I’ll be if I fail.”

“Procrastination is my secret weapon during exams. It’s like I’m playing hide and seek with my responsibilities.”

“Why do they call it ‘open book’ exams? Shouldn’t it be called ‘open Google’ by now?”

“During exams, time flies like an arrow, but unfortunately, fruit flies like a banana.”

“I like to pretend I’m on a game show during exams. I even practice my ‘The answer is…’ voice.”

“I always bring extra pencils to exams, just in case someone needs to borrow them and I can finally feel popular for once.”

“Exams are like a math problem – they’re confusing, have no real-life application, and everyone hates them.”

“Teachers say ‘Follow the instructions carefully,’ but then they write the exam questions in wingdings font. Challenge accepted!”

“I’ve never considered myself a genius, but during exams, I feel like an undiscovered child prodigy… who forgot to study.”

“Exams are like a horror movie marathon, except the only jump scare is when the professor announces there’s a surprise question.”

“During exams, I turn into an investigative journalist, exploring every possible avenue to find the answer… or just copying from my neighbor.”

“Exams are like a game of multiple choice Russian roulette – sometimes luck is the only thing that gets you through.”

“The only knowledge I retain after an exam is the exact number of stripes on the wall and the ceiling tiles.”

“Exam day is like judgment day, except instead of God judging my sins, it’s a bored professor judging my ability to regurgitate information.”

“I always find it amusing how the ‘Please remain seated until the exam is over’ rule applies when half the students bolt out of the classroom like they’re being chased by zombies.”

“The struggle is real during exams. It’s like my brain is a separate entity, sitting in the corner, sipping coffee, and watching me panic.”

“Who needs a personal trainer when you have exams? The rapid heartbeat, sweating, and constant need to catch your breath are all the workout you’ll ever need.”

“Every time I think I’ve finally figured out the answer, the question pulls a ‘plot twist’ and leaves me more confused than ever.”

“My textbook is like a blind date – boring, full of random facts, and leaving me feeling like I wasted my time.”

“The beauty of exams is that you never know when inspiration will strike… or when your brain will choose to take a nap.”

“Group studying for exams is like baking a cake together – it always starts with enthusiasm, but ends with everyone eating cookies and avoiding the subject.”

“I have a love-hate relationship with exams. I love to hate them, and they love to make me cry.”

“Exams are like diet plans – you dread them, they require self-discipline, and the end result feels great… until the next one comes along.”

“The only word more terrifying than ‘final exam’ is ‘unexpected pop quiz.’ It’s like being hit by a verbal sneeze.”

“There are two types of people during exams – those who panic and those who bring snacks for others to panic over.”

“The hardest part about exams is pretending to be confident when you feel more lost than the thought of taking another exam.”

“During exams, I feel like a detective trying to solve a cryptic puzzle, except the only clue I have is my own anxiety.”